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Interpersonal examples help us learn. As we reflect on our interpersonal experiences, we are able to see if we use good interpersonal skills, if we communicated effectively and ultimately if we impacted a potential or existing relationship. Even more valuable is when we can learn from another person's perspective. Sharing interpersonal examples can be a valuable tool in learning more about us and others. Looking at a situation from another perspective and receiving feedback from your experience may yield some interesting information. Take the time to share your experience, identify which component of your interpersonal experience was the greatest impact, and what you think went well or could have been improved on.

As we work to improve our interpersonal skills, communication, and relationships, writing about our experiences can help us take the time to reflect on a specific interpersonal experience and take away something that helps us to improve. It is also important to identify value in an interpersonal experience. As we go through our daily lives, we rarely stop to understand what we accomplish in our interpersonal experiences. It is interesting to stop and see if we provided value to an individual or if we received value from an interpersonal experience. You might be surprised if you take the time to write an interpersonal example down and examine what you provided or took away from it. You might just identify something important to you and start to look for it in your life.

We all have positive and negative interpersonal examples every day. Looking from the outside to see what worked, what went wrong, or if we received any value from the experience is always beneficial. Writing down general interpersonal examples often will allow us to focus in on specific aspects of the interpersonal process and drill down to understand the situation completely. We may start to see examples of interpersonal skills , examples of interpersonal conflict , interpersonal communication examples , or examples of value from interpersonal relationships.

We can also learn by observing an interesting interpersonal experience. Learning through the interaction of others is equally beneficial. At work and in our personal lives, we have the opportunity to learn from many interpersonal experiences we are not even a part of. Taking the time to analyze them can be both interesting and educational for us all. Help all of us by filling out the form below and sharing your interpersonal experience. Here's a very simple example.

General Interpersonal Example:

My wife and I were sitting in the surgery waiting room as my 10 year old daughter was having her leg operated on. My wife commented on how pleasant and warm an older (70s) gentleman was as she passed him coming into the waiting room and said "hello". A doctor came into the waiting room, motioned the man over, and discussed how the surgery was going. The man's facial expression instantly changed from a smiling warm individual to visible shaken. He began to sob, dried his tears and attempted to put a smile back on his face. My wife was heart broken for the man as he was all alone in the waiting room. She asked me to talk to the man and see if we could do anything. I approached the man and I could tell immediately from his facial expression that he would welcome a conversation with me. I asked the man if he was ok, and he let me know the doctor said the surgery was not going well. We talked for awhile and exchanged information about each of our situations. I helped him figure out how to dial out on the waiting room phone to alert family members, and sat back down with my wife. He later came back and informed us the surgery ended up ok, and that his wife would be fine. He thanked us for our concern and wished us luck with our daughter's surgery.


Although I will probably never see this man again in my life, I will not forget this interpersonal experience for sometime. My wife used her interpersonal skills, and was able to see that this man might need something. I was able to see that he would be open to an interpersonal experience and that I could provide value. Through this interpersonal experience I received support for our situation and the satisfaction of helping out an individual in need. I am simply not an emotional person. Without my wife being present, I would probably not have even noticed the situation in front of me. The one thing I can take a way from this example is that I clearly found value in the support received from this individual and satisfaction from offering value to someone in need. Perhaps I should be a bit more observant of other peoples needs.

Regardless of the significance of an interpersonal example, taking the time to analyze them allows us to see things we wouldn't normally see. Start with a random example, and continue with specific aspects of your interpersonal experiences to gain a different perspective to what is important to you.

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