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Interpersonal communication examples help us see communication barriers in our interpersonal relations . Analyzing communication process breakdowns help us to become more effective communicators. Writing down interpersonal communications and analyzing them after a frustrating interpersonal experience helps us to see how we can improve our communications and overcome obstacles presented by individuals in an interpersonal experience.

Interpersonal communication can be extremely frustrating. Effective interpersonal communication is developed by reflecting on our own experiences, observing others, and effort to improve. Analyzing frustrating interpersonal experiences can provide the opportunities for you to become a more effective communicator.

Communication Example:

My boss recently approached me about a quote I submitted to a client. He was adamant that the quote was too low, and we were not going to make enough money. As I explained to him the costs that I calculated, he grew extremely agitated and wouldn't listen to anything I would say. We both grew angry and communications quickly broke down until neither one of us was accepting of the others message.


Once back in my office, I had a chance to cool off. As I pulled up the quote and looked at my calculations, I quickly realized something. He doesn't have the information I have in front of me. I printed exactly how I calculated the quote and went to his office. Once I presented the information, he concurred that we were making enough money from the quote submitted. If I had simply educated him with actual calculations, our discussion would have been much shorter and much less eventful.

Interpersonal communication examples are filled with frustration. Fortunately there is usually a simple lesson to be learned from them. I now educate my boss with all the information I have before even continuing the discussion. This has resulted in far fewer heated discussions. Taking the time to analyze your interpersonal communications can allow you to see simple yet beneficial things you can implement in your work and personal lives to be a more effective communicator.

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