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Analyzing examples of interpersonal skills allows you to develop your ability to gather all the information in your interpersonal experiences. Taking a step back, writing down the information you gathered during an interpersonal experience will help you understand what you missed. Information critical to effectively communicating is available in all of our experiences. Are you using everything available? One way to find out is to write down an experience, and focus on the interpersonal skills used in the process.

Drilling down specifically to your interpersonal skills used in an interpersonal experience allows you to focus on these specific skills. Analyze the process, and how it affected your interpersonal experience. Then take a look from the outside, and see you could have done things differently and perhaps been more effective.

Example Of Interpersonal Skills:

Yesterday I asked my daughter to help me clean the house. As we were cleaning, she seemed grumpy and agitated. She was wandering around, and not doing her chores. I became frustrated and kept after her to do her chores. The more I pushed, the more frustrated she became. We finally finished the chores after many heated exchanges, and spending clearly more time than it should have taken. Once finished, she began doing her homework as she had missed school due to illness and was behind. I asked her why she was so frustrated to do her chores, and she immediately told me that she was worried about not getting her homework completed.


I clearly did not use my interpersonal skills as effectively as I should have. I was more concerned about the task at hand rather than receiving the information in front of me. If I would have just asked her why she was agitated, I would have known she was concerned about her homework. I can't help but wonder if we would have completed the chores in half the time if I would have encouraged her to do her homework first, and waited on my needs until hers were met.

It's funny, until I wrote down this simple example; I did not realize that I could have been far more effective by asking one simple question. Writing down examples on interpersonal skills will tell you the little things you are missing in your interpersonal experiences. The real value is using examples to focus and develop your skills. It seems like one little thing, but imagine how all of these little things add up in your daily life. At work and in your personal lives, we have significant opportunity to become more effective. Developing your interpersonal skills will create less stress at work, and more enjoyable time with your family.

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