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Writing down examples of interpersonal conflict help you to take a step back, look at a relationship, and potential damage. As we engage in different types of interpersonal conflict, we jeopardize damage to our relationships. It is up to us to determine the value in an interpersonal relationship. Analyzing conflict helps us to see the actual value in a relationship, and see how the communication process breaks down resulting in conflict. Understanding our role in conflict can be enlightening and teach us the skills to avoid it.

Drilling down to the root cause of the breakdown in communication and emotions that created the conflict allows you to see if the relationship was damaged, the potential value that you may loose, and how the relationship might be repaired. Taking a step back after an interpersonal conflict once emotions have settled, and analyzing the experience may provide a completely different perspective of the situation.

Example of Interpersonal Conflict:

I have a customer at work that buys equipment from my company and a competitor. Although our equipment is similar, it is not compatible with my competitors. We recently released a new model of our equipment unique to the market. As a distributor for my competitor, I found a picture of our new model on my customers website listed under my competitor's brand. As I confronted him, he believed that my competitor was releasing a similar model soon, and that it was acceptable for him to use my product photo to represent a future release from my competitor. Although I tried to communicate my frustration effectively, he simply believed his actions to be acceptable. I finally grew angry enough to break down the communication process and simply demanded that it be taken down or our relationship will be over.


I grew frustrated until I finally broke down the communication process with an ultimatum. Once I had time to calm down, I was able to look at our relationship. We both brought value to the relationship. I supply needed products to my customer, and he provides me with orders. This conflict was created due to trust. My trust was violated when I discovered a photo of my latest equipment model represented under my competitor's brand name. As I looked at the value my customer brought to our relationship, I decided it was not worth doing business with someone I could not trust. Days later, I dissolved the relationship.

In this example of interpersonal conflict, the relationship was damaged due to conflict. Only by analyzing it was I able to understand the damage was acceptable, and that trust in the relationship outweighed the revenue generated from the relationship. Writing down and analyzing types of conflict helps you understand the value in a relationship, the damage created, and your course of action.

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